​Glitter Tattoos are a really fun attraction to have at any Party, School Fete, Festival, Pamper Evening or Event.​​  They make a nice addition to Birthday Parties and can also be a very interesting Wedding Favour.  I am also able to offer Face Painting for Birthday parties and events.

​​​What are glitter tattoos?

​Glitter Tattoos are a temporary tattoo applied to the skin with a water based body glue and premium cosmetic glitter.  I have lots of different designs for you to choose, from dolphins, butterflies and hearts to spiders, dragons and tribal designs.  I have mini designs as well as medium, large and extra large designs.  I am always adding to my collection.

How long will my glitter tattoo stay on for?

They can last between 3 and 7 days with the right care.  Excessive friction from clothes, or rubbing the tattoo with a towel after bathing can shorten the life of your tattoo.  You can swim and shower as normal with your tattoo, but take care to pat your tattoo with a towel instead of rubbing it.

Who can have glitter tattoos?

​Glitter tattoos are suitable for those that are 3 years and above. The glue that I use is water based and is unlikely to cause any irritation to the skin, but if you're unsure, please do ask for a skin test.

If you have an allergy to sticking plasters, it is not advisable to have a glitter tattoo-as the adhesive used in the transfer could cause irritation to the skin.

​I am unable to apply glitter tattoos to children younger than 3 years of age.

I am also unable to apply glitter tattoos to broken, sore or infected skin.

​I am happy to apply tattoos to inner & outer arms, legs, feet, ankles, shoulders, and back.  However, I will not tattoo on the face. Although the glitter I use is cosmetic glitter, there is always a chance that it could irritate the eye.​ Thank you in advance for your understanding

What is the best way to remove my glitter tattoo?

​Glitter Tattoos are pretty easy to remove with an oil based product such as sun cream or baby lotion. Olive oil and coconut oil are also very good to help remove the tattoos.  It's best to apply the lotion or oil to your skin and let it sit on the tattoo for while, before rubbing with a wipe or a face cloth.

​You can also use an alcohol based wipe to break down the glue and remove the glitter.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured and my public liability cover is for ​£​5,000,000

​I also hold a valid DBS certificate for your peace of mind.

Face Painting

I only use good quality face paints that are approved for use on the skin.

​I use one sponge per customer and water is regularly changed throughout my session.

​I do not paint the faces of under 3 year olds but I can offer a hand/arm design.  I will not paint children who appear to be distressed or upset.

​I am unable to paint the faces of  those who appear to have visible skin complaints, ie; active eczema, chicken pox, cold sores etc. I can offer an arm design as an alternative.

​Please ask for a patch test if you think you/your child have allergies to face paint.

I recommend that you use soap and water to remove face paint as baby wipes can set the colours and could cause them to stain the skin.

I am insured for up to £5 million pounds.